New Mutants | A long time coming… | REVIEW

After a troubled production, reshoots and uncertainty as to when this would be released, X-Men Ghost School (a The Weekly Planet trademark)has rocketed into cinemas. Going into the film based on the trailer I had no expectations given that while yes it looked unique for a comic book movie in the sense that it looks to be a straight horror flick, it also just looked like a generic horror film if that makes sense. Ultimately there wasn’t anything to be too excited about but BOY HOWDY is there some surprises in this movie that you’d never see coming.

Ghost School was, in reality, nothing more than a red herring for what is essentially Fox’s Avengers Endgame. Did you think Hugh Jackman was really done as Wolverine after Logan? Well, think again that movie being his final turn as the character was actually just set up for his triumphant return in this film. While it may seem like a hard pill to swallow at first to have the incredible ending of Logan undone director Josh Boon does a good job of removing any subtly or logic and just has the character materialize and no further questions were needed, we were right back into Wolverine chopping off heads. Not only that but also joining the Ghost School students and Jackman is none other than Ryan “look at my balls” Reynolds as Deadpool, Chris “I was drugged and tricked into this” Evans as the Human Torch. I’m not sure anything else compared to when Johnny Storm shouted his famous line “I can flame on all day” something the franchise has been building towards for a long time. 

As for the villain again Fox pulled a fast one on us with Dark Phoenix earlier this year. They made us think there’d be Skrulls only for there not to be any to leave audiences a little disappointed but only to have their minds blown this August. Jessica Chastain returns (this time actually as a Skrull) and is a scene-stealer has every time she’s in a scene she spends 45 minutes spewing exposition out of her mouth. The deep, layered and nuanced performance was unexpected but is for sure to give Jared Leto’s (did they recast? Actually don’t tell me I don’t care) Joker a run for his money come Oscar season. I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking one Skrull as the main villain that’s it? Well, first of trust me it works it’s so Shakespearean and moved me and my entire cinema to tears. This is what movie-going is supposed to be! Emotions! Feelings! Other crap probably. Second of all maybe a certain purple fart cloud from a famous 2007 comic book movie sequel makes a return (and it isn’t anyone from Spider-Man 3). 

Now moving into my negatives with the film, I thought the main Ghost School cast consisting, of The Worst Character in Stranger Things, Wasted in Glass, Arya Stark, and various others were completely wasted. I assume this is due to the reshoots and it felt like the studio was more concerned about making this a big secret team-up movie than actually giving us a proper Ghost School. Additionally, I thought that the reenactment of David Aronofsky’s mother! With finger puppets was uninspired and honestly while it was cut down from the original movies 2 hours and one minute run time to 2 hours and 59 seconds it was still just too much and would have made a great bonus on the home release. 

At the end of the day, X-Men Ghost School managed to become the greatest movie cinema history and anyone who disagrees probably has the cheese touch. If you’re not touched by the cheese what did you think of X-Men Ghost School (keeping in mind if you say anything I disagree with I’ll be a smug jerk about it on twitter and take it as a personal attack.) Please like comment, share, breathe, jump, subscribe, hit the bell notification and remember to drink plenty of water it’s still summer man, what’re you trying to do get heatstroke? Don’t be silly.

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