Don’t Get Too Excited For Deadpool 2

Deadpool was great wasn’t it? A great redemption for the character after being so poorly represented in X-men Origins: Wolverine. It was a perfect blend of comedy and action that was more or less beloved by most audiences. What I think made it is so great was the combination of the following three aspects:

  • The passion of Ryan Reynolds to see the character he loves so much brought to life properly.
  • The excellent, creative and comic accurate work of the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick
  •  The director Tim Miller who did an unbelievable job of making it all work.


Unfortunately news surfaced that Tim Miller has departed Deadpool 2 after creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. There is a lot of speculation as to what the creative differences are but the prevailing thought is that it is in relation to the casting of Cable. Kyle Chandler (Bloodlines, The Wolf of Wall Street) is director Tim Millers top choice for the character but allegedly Ryan Reynolds was against this choice as he felt Chandler wasn’t the right fit. I would imagine that Reynolds is wanting a Stephen Lang type. Also Reynolds recently tweeted asking fans for input on Deadpool 2 with a poll asking: Where should the final action set piece take place? Both options in the poll were: A Bridge. It has been said that the two parted on good terms, despite the clear disconnect.

Now this news to me is very concerning. My excitement for Deadpool 2 had already been tainted due to the fact that there is currently no release date but this puts me over the edge to being cautious. One third of what made the first film so great is no longer going to be a factor in the sequel and that doesn’t sit right with me. I think Miller served as a good anchor that kept things in check while at the same time allowing the creativity to flow naturally. I am very fearful that Fox will make the mistake of choosing a director who would not embody anything that Miller stood for. Miller brought the balance of action and comedy and Fox may get someone who will lean too much towards one side or the other.


On the other hand to counter my concern Ryan Reynolds is the producer on the film so it is a sure bet he’ll do everything he can to get the best person for the job. A large amount of the decisions and creative control will be in the hands of Reynolds. I trust Reynolds when it comes to this character because it is very clear no one knows him better. This is the role he was born to play and he kills it. So It is unlikely he would allow for someone who isn’t a good fit for the job to direct. I personally hope Matthew Vaughn is chosen to direct the upcoming sequel considering his style would mesh well with what Deadpool is especially when looking at what he did with 2015’s Kingsman The Secret Service. Ultimately I fear that this film will become unbalanced if the wrong director is chosen. Hopefully this isn’t the case since Reynolds is in such control. I just caution everyone to manage their expectations for Deadpool 2.


What do you guys think about this? Are you concerned or does this news not concern you at all? I’d love to know your thoughts so start a conversation with me on twitter or instagram @nerdycasual. You could also just leave a comment. If your keen I’d really appreciate you sharing this with your friends on social media but if not that’s cool too! Anyways thanks for reading, take care.


Tim Miller:

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