My Thoughts On Logan

Over the past two weeks the marketing campaign has begun for 20th Century Fox’s Logan. The film is the final outing for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The approach of the marketing for this film is very different than I’ve seen for any other comic book movie. Starting from when we got the title and poster for the movie I knew we were in for something unique. I never imagined that they would do anything to make the connection to X-Men ambiguous but thats what we got with the title Logan. The poster we got was simple but still communicated so much to me as a consumer. It gives us insight into the fact that we will be seeing Logan in the care of a young child who I am presuming is a female clone of Wolverine: X-23. We see a damaged Wolverine hand which is significant as it tells consumers that his healing factor has diminished over time due to the cuts on his arm. There is so much to digest just from this very simple poster and I love it.


In addition to the title and poster we have been getting several photos from the director of the film James Mangold. The photos gave us a look at Logan himself scarred on his face, Professor X and one of the films villains. All of these photos were black and white beginning to make me think what if they release this film in black and white? I mean how cool would that be? My suspicions grew when Hugh Jackman released a six second trailer teaser that was in black and white. Some may wonder why would you want to see this film in black and white? Well I think it would be a really cool artistic risk that many directors would be too afraid to make. It’s something that would make Logan stand out against all of the other comic book movies being released these days. I would also be impressed with 20th Century Fox as it would be quite a risk for them, although I think the general audience would find it to be interesting and check it out. In the end my hopes and dreams were squashed when the trailer was released but it was in colour.


Speaking of the trailer… HOLY SHIT! How awesome was that? I mean I was pretty intrigued but this blew me away. Never has one single trailer made a movie become my most anticipated movie of any given year until now. Logan has become my most anticipated movie of 2017. Even more than Star Wars Episode VIII, which is you know me that’s saying something. The trailer is perfect in every way, starting with the music choice Hurt performed by Johnny Cash. The song perfect matches the footage being shown on screen. Logan is looking rough as he is scarred up all over his body. The reasoning for his scars were revealed by director as he explained that his healing factor has deteriorated. It still works but the tissue doesn’t fully heal so therefor the scars. This is such a cool and interesting concept but there is clearly something at play to why his healing factor is deteriorating but I’m sure we’ll learn about that in the movie. Although if I had to guess there must have been some gas released around the world to eliminate the mutant genes in people. It must have had a strong effect on most mutants but Logan and Professor X weren’t effected as much. This would also explain Logans statement Charles, the world is not the same as it was. Mutants, they’re gone now.” Moving on we get a sense of where the world is. We knew that the movie would be set in 2024 but weren’t entirely sure what state the world would be in. In the trailer however we see that it seems like a cross between post-apocalyptic and dystopian. We also get a look at who I am still presuming is X-23. We don’t get much from her acting wise but she looks to fit right in to this film and doesn’t look to be out of place, so that’s a plus. Everything in this trailer has got me so hyped.


Overall the trailer is fantastic. It got my more excited than I ever thought possible for this film. If you haven’t seen the trailer I highly recommend it. I’ll leave a link for it at the bottom os this post. Let me know what you think by starting a conversation with me on twitter or instagram @nerdycasual or leaving a comment. Thanks for reading, take care.

Logan Trailer:


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