Legacies of the DCAU “Anno Domini: Prebirth” | REVIEW

Legacies of the DCAU is a fan-made webcomic set within the DC Animated Universe continuity that started with Batman The Animated Series and concluded with Justice League Unlimited. The purpose of the series is to bridge the gap between when JLU ends and where Batman Beyond starts, with terrific writing and beautifully nostalgic art. This latest issue is particularly important as it expands on the story of Bruce Wayne’s final outing of Batman that we see the tail end of in the first set of Batman Beyond episodes Rebirth. With such a monumental tale to tell as a fan you might worry about an unsatisfying lead up to Bruce Wayne’s last night in the cowl (sans cape) but I’m thrilled to share with you that it’s everything you’d hope it would be.

The story was already on the right track with its release date being the same as the in-continuity date of when Bruce Wayne gave up defining his shadowy legacy. It’s a fun nod that really expresses the love, care, and passion that is put into this series by its creators. Getting into the story itself, it’s simple yet absolutely significant in so many ways. The first that stood out to me was filling in the blanks as to where certain characters are at that point in the continuity that we previously didn’t know. (Light spoiler ahead*) **It brought a genuine smile to my eye to know where Jim Gordon is at in his life because in continuity it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new appearance.** Those details are a part of what makes this book feel so authentic to the world their recreating. It doesn’t feel forced it fits in naturally.

Art by Rick Celis

The team that puts these issues together does a fantastic job and deserves all of the accolades I can give them, which honestly is just this positive review that you’re currently reading. Nonetheless, I think that if you’re a fan of the DCAU or Batman Beyond specifically then this is something that is without a doubt worth your time, especially for that last page. No spoilers but this issue ends in a way that I wasn’t necessarily expecting but was so happy to see and it immediately made me think “of course that’s how this ended” because it just felt true to this universe. I love what this ending sets up and hope to see it explored more in future installments.

If you haven’t read it yet you can do so for free at legaciesDCAU.com but if you have what did you think of the issue? What are your thoughts of the DCAU as a whole, what’s your favourite character or series? Let me know by commenting here on this very article or by reaching out to me on twitter @nerdycasual. Thank you so much for coming to check out this review and until next time, see ya.

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