Hey WB! Give us Superman

Hey Warner Bros. why do you hate Superman? The character/franchise has so much potential to be as beloved as Captain America yet you do nothing with him. Look I get the hesitation to not pull the trigger on a film centered around the Man of Steel after the critical and financial struggles of the three movies he had been in. However all of those movies struggled because of the direction you allowed Zack Snyder take the franchise. Regardless of how I feel about each individual film, these films and the approach they took did not appeal to the general audience, not the character himself.

Why are you actively developing an Aquaman spin-off about The Trench over SUPER-FREAKING-MAN? There is so much potential for a Superman movie to hit big with critics, audiences and at the box office. One big step in the right direction is not letting a traditionally divisive (IF YOU LIKE HIM THAT’S FINE) filmmaker have full creative control. Be collaborative with a filmmaker to craft a Superman movie in the same way you did with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and seemingly Shazam. Another step would be to take a look at what made Superman the icon he is in the first place instead of constantly trying to deconstruct him. There’s nothing inherently wrong with deconstructing a classic character like Clark Kent but you should at least establish a well-liked version of said character before doing that.

I by no means expect or want a modern update on the Christopher Reeve Boy Scout version of the character, but please for the love of Krypton don’t have him be mopey. I understand what Snyder was going for with his take on the character but it just didn’t resemble what I have always known Superman to be. He should be hopeful and always has minute for someone in need. He shouldn’t have a scowl that screams he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders nor should he go off to find answers from his ghost dad when he could be easily assisting with those injured in a bombing. Again you can explore these themes of what it means to be a god amongst men but establish a character we want to see go through that first.

Superman has potential but you can’t see it because you’re blinded by your mistakes with past movies. Also don’t give any excuses that it would be too early to reboot/reimagine the character because Sony rebooted Spider-Man almost immediately after the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and here we are with the second reboot of Spider-Man being wildly successful. Collaborate with the creative you bring on and take inspiration from the comics that are so beloved by many. There’s simply no excuse.


Please give Superman another chance.

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