My Avengers 4 Predictions

It’s November making the yet to be titled Avengers 4 only seven months away and the marketing is very close to kicking off. By the end of this month we will have our first look at the film and will finally be privy to the much-anticipated title. Hopefully that title actually has significant meaning that hiding will have been worth it. Otherwise why bother? Now before getting a real taste for this film I want to give my predictions for the film and I’ll likely update this once we get the final trailer for the movie. I’m not looking to predict what will happen moment to moment but I do have some strong opinions about certain moments and aspects that I think will play out a certain way and figured it would be fun to share those.

First Moments- Similarly to how The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did I think it’s important to see immediately where Infinity War ended at the start of Avengers 4. I think in this pre-title card sequence we’ll see Nebula and Stark arrive back on Earth landing in Wakanda after Tony contacts Bruce. From their we’ll see the team reunite but with the big focus being on the reunion of Tony and Steve after not being on screen together since Civil War. This would be a great emotional moment to start off what is sure to be one of the biggest films to ever be released.

Post Title Card- After the reunion and catching up with these characters briefly I think the film will have a significant time jump ranging from one to five years. Based on set photos we’ve seen show an older and more aged Tony Stark, which indicates to me that there is a long gap of time where The Avengers will figure out their best possible play to make against Thanos. This isn’t something that shouldn’t be rushed. It would really add to the film to know that this has been The Avengers biggest priority and it has simply become their life mission to right the wrongs of Infinity War.

Rescuing Scott Lang- In the time since the snap the Avengers will have been searching for clues or anything that could help them. I imagine that Tony and Bruce Banner will scan the world for irregular energies or something to that effect that happened during that snap that stands out as an anomaly. From here they will discover the van from the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp and rescue Scott Lang from the quantum realm.


The Quantum Realm- It’s a sure bet that the Quantum Realm will play a significant role in the film and that role will be time travel. I imagine that not long after Scott Lang is rescued that he will want to help find a way to defeat Thanos. After getting caught up on what happened while he was trapped Lang will offer an idea. That idea being time travel and he’ll work with Tony and Bruce to manipulate the Quantum Realm to allow them to travel back in time to recover the infinity stones from points in time where they know they will be, significant moments in the MCU. We have seen set photos of characters in Avengers 4 with bracelets that likely allow them to travel through time. Specifically we see these bracelets being worn by characters during the Battle of New York from The Avengers. The biggest give away to time travel being a factor is that Scott Lang is seen in a battle where he previously hadn’t been. I think that this will be a really interesting look at the how far the MCU has come.

Captain American V Red Skull- I don’t have specific predictions for how each stone will be recovered, but there is one scenario that I can’t get out of my head. That scenario being Steve Rogers going on a mission to Vormir with Nebula to retrieve the Soul Stone. How the stone will be obtained in beyond me given the sacrifice that needs to be made but how could this film not feature Cap and the Red Skull coming face to face together for the first time since 2011. Fans have begged for Red Skull to appear again in another Captain America film and while this wouldn’t be that desire specifically, it would satisfy that seeing them in conflict with one another again. This something that would make me lose my mind not just because it would be a fight between Schmidt and Rogers but because it would be set on Vormir which I find to be a visual feast. Also it would be interesting to see how Steve reacts to seeing that Red Skull is still alive and knowing that he is the reason that Steve missed out on the life he thought he’d share with Peggy Carter.

Captain Marvel- It’s tough to predict how Carol Danvers will play into the film without seeing her first film that comes out in March. However, I do have some ideas of how she’ll fit in with the team but nothing specifically about what she will do. I imagine that many members of The Avengers will be uneasy about Captain Marvel and question her intentions. The fact that Fury never called her in previously will be a red flag for many on the team. In time she’ll prove herself but I don’t imagine she’ll be treated like one of the team until the end of the movie.

Katherine Langford- Recently it was announce that the 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford has joined the cast of Avengers 4 and there are several believable ideas about who she could play. The rumors range from Kate Bishop to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts kid but the idea I subscribe to is the idea that she will play a future version of Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang. The rumor of an aged up Cassie Lang has been around way before Langford was even cast and given how involved Scott Lang is rumored to be in this film it would make sense. Now this is something that I could very easily be wrong about. My biggest concern here is Langford herself. So far I haven’t seen her give a performance I like and that gives me some pause about her casting. With that being said I trust Kevin “Big Kev” Feige and none of his castings have turned out poorly for my tastes so I’m cautiously optimistic about her casting.

The Fate of Tony Stark- This is one of the aspects of this film that I have flip flopped on and at this point in time this is where I stand but this could very easily change based on the marketing. I think Tony Stark will survive and pass along the leadership of the Avengers off to another character. Who that character may be isn’t an easy one to guess, it could be T’Challa, Carol Danvers or even Natasha Romanoff. For my money though I would place a bet on it being handed over to Doctor Strange. I think once Avengers 4 is all set and done Tony will have grown a respect for Strange and the sacrifice he made in Infinity War. I think Tony will retire from being Iron Man and may even pass that mantle on to Rhodey. Tony will go off with Pepper, get married and likely start a family. This leaves things open for a return of the fan favorite character down the line whether it is Robert Downey Jr. himself or a recasting. Or even Tony and Pepper’s kid could come into the fold at some point. 

The Fate of Steve Rogers- Much like the fate of Tony Stark this is something I have flip flopped on a lot. My prediction on this will likely change with the marketing campaign but for now I think that Steve Rogers will die. I think he will sacrifice himself in a confrontation with Thanos that will give time to the other Avengers to get an edge on Thanos. In addition to that I think that Steve will not be given the shield back while he’s alive in the film but rather it will be presented at his funeral and will be apart of his grave forever cementing him as Captain America.

Resurrecting Characters- One of the biggest concerns fans have going into Avengers 4 is how it will handle the characters who died in Infinity War. I imagine this will be a pretty simple solution. The characters that died before the snap will remain dead including Loki and Gamora. In tandem with that is characters who will die in Avengers 4 will remain dead. However, characters that died due to the snap will return promptly after Thanos is defeated. 

Defeating Thanos- My last prediction is tied to how The Avengers will defeat the Mad Titan. Now how specifically it will happen I really don’t have anything solid in mind yet but I do have an idea of who will be the one to do it and that is Nebula. Now initially it may seem like an odd prediction to have Nebula be the one when the obvious choice maybe Tony Stark, Thor or even Drax. It does make a lot of sense for Nebula though given the nature of her relationship with her father. It is one filled with hate, rage and the desire to stop him from achieving his goal. Added to that now is the death of her sister who she recently made amends with, that will surely be driving factor for her in the film. It would make the arch of Nebula feel satisfying because of how tied she is to Thanos. So even if she isn’t the one to do it I hope that she plays a significant role in that.

So there you have it there are my predictions for Avengers 4. I do an article addressing the changes in my predictions after the first trailer drops or maybe just update this one. What do you think of my predictions? Agree or disagree? Let me know and what you’re thoughts are. I am really looking forward to the journey of speculation over the next few months before the release of the movie.

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