Suicide Squad | Movie Review

I’ve been ashamed to admit how I really feel about this movie for awhile now. I always trash it, call it garbage and bash Jared Leto (the best and most serious actor) as the Joker. In all honesty though. This movie is an underrated masterpiece and deserves so much critical praise. I love every frame of this movie. It’s so smart and has layers that are over looked. You can definitely feel the impact Zaddy left of David Ayer. Wake up people and smell the DCEU scented roses because this movie is incredible.


All of the characters so extremely well fleshed out and it’s easy to sympathize with them. The first twenty minutes of the movie takes the time and tells us about the characters and who they are rather than showing us. Making the film easy to understand and doesn’t require any thought. This is a great choice on the part of the Ayer. Stand outs for me are of course, “yo girl” Harley Quinn and “here comes dat boi” The Joker. These two are relationships goals. Their looks are so ON POINT. The tattoos add so much depth to the characters and are so obvious and saves time from character development. Both Margot Robbie and Leto are incredible in their respective roles and should have won Oscars. While they may be great they don’t even hold a candle to my main man Slipknot. Talk about an impactful role. The way he comes in and out of the film is just amazing symbolism and honest it made me cry when he died. The rest of the cast in great too especially Cara Delevinge as The Enchantress what a great decision it was to cast her.


Speaking of great decisions, how about the BOLD choice to hire trailer editors to edit the actual film. It made the film feel more authentic and casual. The way it jumps around to scenes that seem so completely out of place reenforces the idea of how crazy these characters are. I really noticed this in full effect during the scene where Joker breaks Harleen. Incredibly powerful editing in that scene and it makes me excited just thinking about.


The film is so unique with it’s choice to use old music to help engage the audience into the film. I loved how it never held on one song for too long. It also played for a minute and then stopped for another great song. There was just something really special about the soundtrack. I listen to it on loop on Spotify and nothing else. There is just so much emotion behind the choice of every song and that’s something I’ll carry with me forever.


Overall I have zero complaints about Suicide Squad. To me it is everything that a film should be. I wish more film makers could be like David Ayer and of course the only and only Zaddy who is so misunderstood. Every film that Zack Snyder makes it so deep and layered. Like the scene in Batman V Superman Dawn of the Bestest Franchise Ever, where Lex puts the Jolly Rancher into the senators mouth shows the control he has over the world. It was incredible imagery and there is no better way to communicate that no matter what the haters say. Anyways I got off track but I can’t stress enough how much I loved this movie.

Suicide Squad is a 10/10

Well there you have it there are my thoughts on the masterpiece of cinema that is the SKWAD. Let me know your thoughts down below or start a conversation with me on twitter or instagram (@nerdycasual). Thanks so much for reading everyone, take care.

HA GOT ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve goofed you all.

This movie is balls.

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