Why I Have Become Cautiously Optimistic About Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The first Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003 and was met with a shocking amount of critical and financial success. I myself really enjoyed the film and I still do to this day. It is fun adventure film that balances drama, action and humor really well. The characters were all balanced well and no one felt like they added more to the plot than another. However as the franchise continued the films dipped in quality as they began to focus on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), which the general audience seemed to love but it wasn’t quite connecting with critics and more importantly (in my opinion) me. Sparrow worked best in a supporting role and losing that I feel greatly hurt the franchise. However in the marketing for this new film there has been less of a focus on Sparrow and more on the other characters surrounding this new film. Which is why I have become optimistic about this new film.


In the first teaser released a few months ago didn’t even have Sparrow in it. He yes was mentioned by name but it introduced us to our new villain being played by Javier Bardem and a young lead being played by Brenton Thwaites. At first I rolled my eyes every time I saw this trailer before a movie I was seeing because I had become so sick of this franchise but as the marketing has gone on I have come to appreciate the message this marketing campaign is sending to the audience: “We’re going back to our roots. Sparrow will be a key supporting character and not the lead.”


With the Super Bowl spot they released I was surprised by how little Sparrow had appeared, I began to think maybe they’ve learned their lesson but we’ll see. Then this newest trailer has been released and I have been turned around. I found myself laughing, enjoying the action I saw and being intrigued by the plot that is being set up. The film looks genuinely entertaining and Jack Sparrow looks to be back into the supporting role that he was in in the first him. I am now officially looking forward to this new Pirates film and I really do hope that it lives up to my expectations, which aren’t even that high. I just want a film that is fun and entertaining while telling a decent story.

Now please don’t take this as me slamming the franchise, if you like the previous films that’s fine absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is just a way for me to vent and get my feelings out there about this franchise which I thought had so much potential just squandered. Lets hope for the best with this new film.


How do you feel about the Pirates franchise? What’s your favourite in the series? Are you looking forward to this? Let my know by commenting below or by starting a conversation with me on twitter or instagram (@nerdycasual). Please share this article with your friends, family and anyone that you think might get something out of reading this. As always thank you so much for reading, take care.

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