Local Anticipation for The Last Jedi

Monday, October 9th saw the release of a new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer and presales for tickets begun.

At the Landmark Cinemas 16 Country Hills, fans eagerly awaited to purchase their tickets for the highly anticipated film.

Anna Clement, 12, was there with her father to buy tickets for The Last Jedi, “I loved The Force Awakens, it was really cool and fun and I am excited to see what happens in this one.”

Jacob Clement, 34, is proud to have his daughter love Star Wars the way he did when he was a kid.

Clement came to the theatre to buy the tickets in person to avoid technical errors on the theatre’s website.

“When tickets came out for The Force Awakens every website was crashing, it was a nightmare, luckily I was able to get tickets but it did take awhile.”

When asked if they had seen the new trailer for the film they admitted that they were waiting until they get home to watch it on their tv.

Brendan Young, 19, did see the trailer and was very happy with what he saw that he had already rewatched it 8 times in the hour that it was released.

“It was incredible,” Young said. “The scope of this film is insane, some of these shots are absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous.”

When asked if he had gotten his tickets yet he admitted to buying tickets for multiple screenings for each of the first three days the film will be released.

“I trust Rian Johnson to deliver an absolutely stellar film, so I feel confident in spending almost $150 on tickets which yes is absolutely insane,” said Young.

Young’s friend Kristian Taylor bought tickets as well but only for the 7p.m. showing on December 14th.

“I love Star Wars too and I’m excited to see it but I’m not crazy enough to spend that much on something I’m not even sure will be good,” Taylor said.

While there were a plentiful amount of young fans there was also a fair share of fans who have loved Star Wars since it was first released in 1977.

Nicolas Henderson, 51, wasn’t there to buy tickets but was rather there to see Blade Runner 2049 as he had already booked his tickets online.

“It’s crazy to think people are still willing to come out, line up and buy tickets in person,” Henderson said. “It reminds me of when The Phantom Menace was released, of course, this pales in comparison.”

Henderson is intrigued most by how the film will handle the passing of the late Carrie Fisher who passed away in December 2016.

“I’m glad she was able to complete this film and be apart of it but I have to admit I’m curious to how they’ll address it here or if they even do at all, they may just wait until episode nine,” said Henderson.

On a lighter note, Henderson confesses that his most anticipated aspect of the movie to finally see Luke Skywalker on screen after 30 years.

“I’ve loved this character almost my entire life and I am truly excited to see one of my icons as a youth back in action.”

Article by Ty W. Rothermal


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